Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

How to Start a WordPress Blog for Your Business Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

Your company wants to have a healthy and growing fan base in order to stay in touch with current customers, amplify word of mouth and ultimately generate new customers.

Social media marketing can create target market strategies to reach customers through niche marketing by using highly successful social networking portals.

The web is where we work and play. Increase your followers, build awareness of your company and start conversations with your customers. Don’t expect overnight results! By staying consistent you will begin to see return on your investment. It’s an evolution not a revolution.

Integration of Social Media

Integrating a business’s social fan pages with a mobile website is a key element in building a steady customer base. More business owners are also discovering the effectiveness of offering price specials or coupon codes through mobile social media. Optimizing social pages for mobile browsing is an essential first step, and this process is now a straightforward thanks to the flexibility of mobile.

8 Benefits for Businesses to use Social Media

If your business still hasn’t jumped on the social media bandwagon…here are 8 benefits that social media can have for your business and bottom line.

1. Communication

The web is a place to share and get information. Develop a social media strategy that will open two-way communications with your brand and your audience.

2. Networking

Not only does social media open up new relationships – it’s a great place to cement and deepen existing ones. Do a local search for individuals in your area or follow people in your industry from around the globe.

3. Promotion & Outreach

Use social media to promote your brand, drawing attention to events, raising awareness about your products and services and creating “buzz”.

4. Direct Traffic

Social media is an increasing source of traffic and while it isn’t the primary reason for being on social media sites, it certainly is nice to be able to post a link and see people coming directly to your website.

5. Local News

Following the local reporters, politicians, businesses and private citizens who post information about the community allows businesses s to keep in touch with current events and spy on their competition.

6. Extended Reach

People doing research on social media can easily find your brand and make their way to your website or blog. As of May, 2011 Twitter is the 9th most popular website on the internet with over 150 million registered users.

7. Feedback & Testimonials

Social media testimonials are verified and they enhance your brands credibility by showing the real people using the product and discussing it.

8. Research

By simply searching social media posts, it is possible to quickly find informal reviews of a product or service. Users have taken advantage of the wide range of businesses, expertise, opinions and knowledge easily accessed via social networking.