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09 Feb 2016

Top 25 Marketing Blogs to Read in 2016

Top 25 Marketing Blogs

Top 25 Marketing Blogs to Read in 2016

If you want to know what works when it comes to marketing, you need to study.

In 2015, we started our Top 25 Marketing Blogs list, this year, several new blogs are making their way to the forefront.

With 2016 in full swing, it’s safe to assume you have pinned down a marketing strategy for the months to come.

How you handle these marketing trends could be the difference between success and failure in your business.

If you want to stay current with the latest marketing trends, if you want to learn from knowledgeable and experienced professionals, you must know which blogs deserve your time and attention.

Below are the top 25 marketing blogs to read in 2016

1. Neil Patel. As one of the top internet marketing experts in the world, every post on this blog is well worth your time and attention. For example, this post focuses on social media trends that will shape your marketing strategy this year. If in-depth, detailed blog posts are your thing, Neil Patel won’t let you down.

2. Convince & Convert. Are you seeking more than basic advice on marketing? Are you interested in learning more about sales, branding, and advertising as well? Convince & Convert, thanks to its multi-author platform, will keep you full of top-notch advice and guidance spanning a variety of topics.

3. Content Marketing Institute. As the name suggests, this blog is all about content marketing. Yet another multi-author blog, you will pick up tips and advice from many of the top names in the industry. Every post, regardless of topic, is actionable, full of examples, and meant to never “leave you hanging.”

4. Backlinko. This blog is more than a cool name. For data driven posts, there aren’t many blogs that do it better. The same holds true when it comes to step-by-step guides. This post, entitled “SEO Campaign Case Study: 1,117 Social Shares and 15% More Organic Traffic (In 2 Weeks),” is one of the best examples of why this blog is an industry leader.

5. Quick Sprout. From content marketing to conversion rate optimization and everything in between, if it’s related to online marketing you can be rest assured that Quick Sprout has you covered.

6. TopRank. When it comes to practicing what you preach, the TopRank Blog is top dog. Post topics are varied, the information is actionable, and the authors come from experienced backgrounds. You can’t ask for much more when it comes to an online marketing blog.

7. Brian Solis. There is more to marketing than meets the eye. Solis proves this is true, with many posts bringing together marketing, technology, culture, and business. If you become a regular reader of this blog, your thoughts on marketing and business in general will change forever.

8. Social Media Examiner. With the continued growth of social media, it’s a must to work this tactic into your marketing strategy. Social Media Examiner will ensure that you are up to date on the “latest and greatest” social media trends, news, and advice.

9. Social Media Explorer. Much the same as Social Media Examiner (see above), this blog was built on the idea that every business can benefit from a sound social media strategy. With more than 2,000 blog posts, and counting, you have a lot of catching up to do!

10. Conversation Agent. One of the most overlooked marketing blogs, becoming a regular reader of Conversation Agent will help your business for the better. Valeria Maltoni is more than a marketing expert, as her knowledge spans a wide spectrum of business related matters.

11. Copyblogger. There are blogs that cover content marketing and then there are blogs that teach techniques for mastering content marketing. Copyblogger fits into the latter category, as it has grown into one of the top marketing blogs. It’s not updated as often as many other blogs on this list, but the content that is posted never falls short of expectations.

12. Buffer. Overlooked by many, the Buffer Blog tagline says it all: “Thoughts on social media and online marketing.” There is nothing about the online marketing world you can’t find on this blog. It is truly a one-stop shop, providing high quality advice from reputable influencers.

13. Econsultancy. There’s a lot to like about this blog, but let’s focus on the one thing that allows it to stand out from the crowd: frequency. Several times per day, Econsultancy is updated with a highly targeted, useful post. Despite the high frequency of posts, quality never suffers.

14. HubSpot. With blog posts in multiple categories, including marketing, you can’t go wrong by adding this blog to your reading list. On regular business days, don’t be surprised if the marketing blog alone is updated with three to five posts. If you are interested in other categories, such as sales, there is even more content to digest.

15. MarketingProfs. The name pretty much says it all. If you are interested in reading a blog that covers every aspect of marketing, from brand management to writing, MarketingProfs is a good jumping off point.

16. Social Fresh. As a social media education company, you can trust all of the advice and guidance you receive on this blog. With a strong focus on social media marketing, you always know what you are going to get.

17. Duct Tape Marketing. It may not be at the top of our list, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook what this blog has to offer. The multi-author format ensures that you receive advice from a variety of viewpoints. Along with this, you will enjoy the fact that the blog always stays on topic. If it’s posted here, you know it will be useful.

18. Chris Ducker. A marketing blog with a unique approach, you will want to read everything Ducker has to say. The posts you read on this blog are unlike any other. They go beyond the basics, such as those that touch on how to develop successful relationships with people in your network.

19. Unbounce. A killer blog from one of the top conversion rate and landing page companies in the world, Unbounce will change the way you look at your marketing strategy.

20. Dasheroo. Company blogs don’t always provide the best advice and tips, but Dasheroo is an exception to the rule. This business dashboard provider knows a thing or two about all aspects of marketing, especially the social media side of things.

21. VerticalResponse. VerticalResponse is a major player in the email marketing space. If you need help with this part of your marketing strategy, check back often for updated content.

22. Search Engine Journal. With a primary focus on search engine optimization, the Search Engine Journal blog is built with one thing in mind: helping you generate more organic traffic.

23. Search Engine Watch. If you enjoy Search Engine Watch, this blog should also be added to your RSS feed. Day in and day out, the team at Search Engine Watch posts content covering a variety of topics, including: SEO, PPC, analytics, and mobile marketing.

24. Kim Garst. For social selling advice, there is nobody better than Kim Garst. She teaches her audience how to use social media more effectively.

25. Heidi Cohen. Described as an “actionable marketing guide,” every post on this blog is meant to push your marketing strategy forward. This post, for instance, provides actionable steps for using existing content to benefit your business.


Even if you don’t read every update to each blog, a concerted effort to stay current will put you in position to achieve marketing success as 2016 wears on.

Would you add any other marketing blogs to this list? Which ones?

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4 responses to “Top 25 Marketing Blogs to Read in 2016”

  1. Sajib Mannan says:

    Buffer and HubSpot should be in the top 10. Can’t beat these two giants.

  2. Barry says:

    Reminds me of the NFL Top Ten List. There are always some disagreements. I wish I had the time to read the top 3.

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