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29 Jan 2016

10 Useful SEO Resources We Published in 2015


10 Useful SEO Resources We Published in 2015

In 2015 alone, Google received five updates and changed a tremendous amount.

Along with numerous blog posts on new online marketing tips and trustworthy website design, there was a lot to learn about SEO in 2015.

To further educate yourself, here are ten helpful SEO resources Funnls published in 2015.

1. When You Should Update or Delete Old Site Content

Is old content effecting your SEO performance? If you have been blogging a while, chances are you have thought about your old website content. In this blog post, in this blog post I talk about my personal experience with old content.

2. How to Improve Your Search Rankings in 2016

How hard will it be to come up at the top of search engines in 2016? Without question, the rules for effective search engine optimization evolve to a more complex marketing channel. As marketing professionals we need to refine our SEO processes multiple times a year.

3. How Often Does Google Update Search Results?

The immediate answer to your questions is: How long is a piece of string? The problem here is that Google’s results are in a constant state of change. In this blog post we will talk about how to better understand how often Googlebot crawls your site and why its different for every website.

4. How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?

To some extent, SEO gives immediate results in the form of fresh content, better organization, but the majority of businesses are after something a little more long term and visible, usually a prime spot on page one of major search engines.

5. Local SEO for Small Businesses – Simple DIY Guide

The ultimate goal for every small business is for searches on Google is for them to receive quality leads. When done right you can receive a call from a prospect asking about how you can help them with their current problem.

6. How to Bring Old Blog Content Back to Life

Take a strong look at your blog with this question in mind: how long you have been posting fresh, unique content? You may be surprised to learn that your first blog post was published quite a few years ago. It may be time to revisit the content with an eye toward making some changes.

7. How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

As a business owner, you may find yourself struggling when it comes to formulating the perfect domain name. To make things easier for you, I’ve decided to create a blog post you can use when trying to pick the perfect domain name.

8. How to Help Your Business Show Up On Local Search Engines

Your location is the niche, and embracing that with your SEO is crucial to pulling in more customers, because people make their local purchasing decisions based on one recommendation source: Google.

8. Understanding the Role Keywords Play in Content Marketing

Have you ever created the perfect article? The one you thought prospective clients would go crazy over to read. You publish the article, and then…nothing. You wonder if Google even indexed your site. Is Google Analytics broken? What the heck! Frustrating, but it does happen from time to time.

9. 5 Keyword Research Tools You Should Be Using

How do you find the best keywords for my business? This is a question that Funnls clients always ask me. They want to understand exactly how keywords work, and how they will make back their money from search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns.

10. 7 Ridiculously Powerful Headline Writing Tips

Steal these 7 simple tricks for writing killer blog headlines! The simple blog headline haunts all people who write online. You’ll hear how much time you should spend on a headline, but doesn’t it seem like a little overkill after writing an article that took a couple hours of your time?

Thanks for reading! What SEO topics would you like to learn more about? Leave us a comment below.

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